Guided Phonics + Beyond® Focus Lessons, Unit 3: Digraphs & Beginning Blends Instructional Materials


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With its comprehensive, spiralled scope and sequence, Guided Phonics + Beyond facilitates an effective, research‑based approach to phonics instruction. Each two‑part lesson is flexible and can be taught across a whole group or small group time. The scripted lesson structure embeds everything a teacher needs to follow the best practices of Science of Reading. Each unit’s Instructional Materials include a spiral‑bound Teacher Guide and the Word and Phrase cards needed for each lesson. Unit 3 features 25 two-part lessons focusing on Digraphs & Beginning Sounds. Tara West has been involved in education for 15 years, serving as an early childhood educator, curriculum writer, and professional development speaker. Tara believes in the importance of creating instructional materials and resources that are fun and engaging for students and supporting the teachers who use her materials.

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