Little Minds At Work Science Of Reading Essentials Toolkit


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  • SCIENCE OF READING MANIPULATIVES: Our Science of Reading Essentials Toolkit is packed with manipulatives, including 6 Little Minds at Work Sound Segmenting Trays, 1 Set of BubbleBriz Phonics Cards, 1 Set of Sound Segmenting Phonics Cards, 6 Magnetic Wands, 6 Stretch Tubes, 36 Mathlink Cubes, 36 Press-ems, 36 chips and 6 googly eye rings.
  • DEVELOPED BY TARA WEST: Our Sound Segmenting Trays are developed by Tara West, who has been involved in education for 15 years as an early childhood educator, a curriculum writer and a professional development speaker.
  • INCLUDES NEW SOUND SEGMENTING TRAYS: Use the manipulatives in this kit with the Little Minds at Work Sound Segmenting Trays to help build phonemic awareness skills.
  • BUILT WITH PHONICS FLASH CARDS: Plug the phonics cards into the sound segmenting trays to practice phonemic awareness sounds with words with 2,3, or 4 different sounds.
  • PRESCHOOL LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Our Science of Reading Toolkits are great for small groups of preschoolers.

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